What About the “Woke” Right?

It’s time to call out which side is the real “woke” side

Jeff Marzick
6 min readMay 5, 2022


Photo courtesy of Naomi McKinney on Unsplash

According to our conservative friends, being “woke” refers to those who are ridiculously politically correct and who speak out too much on social injustice. It’s commonly used as a pejorative term when referring to those on the left, increasingly paring it with phrases like “woke mob” or as a sledgehammer, using “anti-woke” to proclaim their vehement opposition.

The right-wing’s been successful at putting the term into the general public. And they do it by minimizing and mocking those standing up against generations of injustice suffered by marginalized folks such as the LGBTQ and people of color communities.

But the truth is, while they like to hang the term on liberals, we could and should hang it around the necks of today’s GOP and use it the same way on them. Because what we’re seeing right now play out across America is beyond radical. Perhaps we could call it “extreme wokeness.” Whatever you might want to call it, it’s dangerous to the country, and we’re on the verge of going back to the United States of 1950.

I’m not being hyperbolic; I’m only going by what I see happening daily. GOP legislatures are rolling back rights that Americans have grown accustomed to for decades in state after state. They’re banning books, picking on gay people, doing away with voting rights, and outlawing abortion. If this isn’t being woke, what is?

And speaking of abortion, the recently leaked draft opinion of the United States Supreme Court, which purports to overturn the nearly 50-year settled law of Roe v. Wade, we see where this is all heading. Many folks in this country would like nothing better than for women to be barefoot, pregnant, and out of the workforce entirely. How long will it be before the Court decides to look at contraception and gay marriage? It seems as though nothing is safe anymore.

Those who thought the Obergefell decision in 2015 that legalized gay marriage was settled law, think again. As it is presently constituted, this Court remains a clear and present danger to the rights of millions of Americans.

As we all know, the GOP has been hellbent on overturning Roe for decades. With that prospect seemingly within its grasp…



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